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Now is the Time for Worship (Scroll Down for Video Messages)

Beginning July 12, we will again be opening our doors for public worship with limited seating capacity at each service. To accommodate for proper safety and social distancing we will be offering 3 worship opportunities: 8:00am (traditional), 9:30am (blended) and 11:00am (contemporary). If you plan to attend on-site worship we request that you register in advance. Please click the link below and you will be taken to the registration page.

Season of Pentecost

Please note that beginning this weekend, July 26, we will begin with the  Live Streaming of the 11:00am service. You will able to view the live service on both the churches Youtube channel and also on Pastor Doug’s Facebook page. (We are experiencing some technical difficulties streaming directly to the churches FB page.) Use the links above to access the live service on either of those platforms. The service will be posted as a recording for those who wish to watch it at a later time but will not be available until after the conclusion of the late service.

Defense Week 6: 1 John 1:1-3
Defense Week 5: 1 Corinthians 15:1-20
Defense Week 4: Matthew 28:11-20
Defense Week 3: Luke 24:36-48
Defense Weeks 2: Matthew 16:13-20
Defense: Week 1 – 1 Peter 3:12
Trinity Sunday – The God Who Reconciles
Thirst Quencher

Season of Easter

Easter 7 – The Invitation
Easter 6 – Are You a Keeper?
On Meditation
Example…and so much more!
Priceless: 1 Peter 1:13-21
I Found You: John 20:19-31

Holy Week  

Palm Sunday – Hopeful Eyes
Maundy Thursday – I Am the Bread of Life
Good Friday
Easter Sunday – I Am the Resurrection and the Life    

Easter Sunday
Good Friday
Maundy Thursday

Sunday Worship: I AM: Seven Things Jesus Said About Himself

Lent 1 – I Am the Light of the World (click here for audio)
Lent 2 – I Am the Door of the Sheep (click here for audio)
Lent 3 – I Am the Good Shepherd (click here for audio)
Lent 4 – I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Lent 5 – I Am the True Vine

Wednesday Midweek: Eyes on Jesus

Ash Wednesday – Misjudging Eyes
Midweek 1 – Betraying Eyes
Midweek 2- Sleepy Eyes
Midweek 3 – Denying Eyes
Midweek 4 – Murderous Eyes
Midweek 5 – Worldly Eyes