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Lent and Easter


“It is impossible that no offense should come.” These words of Jesus seem truer now more than ever. With every misspoken word or every poorly constructed sentence called out and hotly criticized on social media it seems like people are just looking for offense. Is this just a by-product of a hyper-sensitive culture or is there something or someone more insidious at work? OFFENDED is a series in which we will consider how Satan uses offense to draw believers out of the will of God. We will see how offense is meant to lead us into a trap that if undetected can result in a life of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. Jesus promised that offense would come but he also promised to be our answer the offense we will endure. Only in Christ do we find our strength. Only in Christ can we be release from Satan’s trap of offense.

Lenten Worship Series: OFFENDED
3/6 (Ash Wed) – 7:00pm – Baiting the Trap
3/10 (Lent 1) – How Could This Happen to Me?
3/17 (Lent 2) – Avengers and Vagabonds
3/24 (Lent 3) – Guest Preacher: Greg Finke (Adopting a Missional Lifestyle)
3/13 (Lent 4) – Rock-n-Roll
4/7 (Lent 5) – Jesus: King of Offense
4/14 (Palm Sunday) – Liberated to Serve
4/21 (Easter) – Reconciled
Midweek services are at 7pm on Wednesday evenings.

Midweek Lenten Series: A Lent to Remember
3/13 – Remember Wondrous Works
3/20 – Remember Jesus’ Words
3/27 – Remember the Covenant
4/3 – Remember Sins No More
4/10 – Remember Steadfast Love
4/18 (Maundy Thursday) – Remembrance of Me