36W720 Hopps Road, Elgin IL 60123 8:15 & 10:45am

Vacation Bible School – June 10-14, 2019

Participant Registration

Volunteer Registration

Registration for both participants and volunteers will open for online registration on May 8th. Kids going into preschool through 5th grade are eligible to register as participants while those going into 6th grade through adult may register to volunteer. As always the cost is free!!!

Vacation bible school begins at 9am and runs through 12pm. Day one registration always takes a little while so plan to arrive a bit early. At the time of pick up we ask that parents please stay in their cars and follow the directions of the parking lot attendants. Your kids will be brought to a designated pick up point in the circle drive in front of the church. You will receive a copy of written pick up instructions on the first day of registration.


Get ready to ROAR! This year we set off on an African adventure intent on discovering the goodness of God. Kids will learn that God is good even when life doesn’t always feel that way. The Bible tells us that God is good all the time and that He promises to watch over us and protect us no matter what. But let’s be honest, that can sometimes be hard to see. Things change, our feelings get hurt, we move from our friends or things just don’t seem fair. At time it can feel like God isn’t doing what he promised. That’s when we need to learn to ROAR! While out on safari we’ll meet some new buddies that will help us find what we’re looking for. They will be sure to make us ROAR with laughter will teaching us important truths to life by. This year we will meet…

Mack the rhino, who will teach us that When Life is Unfair…God is Good!

Hooper the hoopoe wants us to know that When Life is Scary…God is Good!

Marge the water buffalo, remind us that, When Life Changes…God is Good!

Zion the lion has a very important message, When Life is Sad…God is Good!

Savanna the giraffe who can see clearly that When Life is Good…God is Good!

We look forward to another exciting week of vacation bible school this year!!!





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