We are excited that you are considering a baptism at King of Glory! We look forward to helping you take this next step in your faith journey. Most of the information on this website pertains to baptism of children, but much of it pertains to adults as well.

Scheduling Your Child’s Baptism

Scheduling your child’s baptism can be done by contacting the church office (847.931.1520) and asking to speak with the pastor. Our pastor will set up a time to meet with the you (usually about an hour) to review the basics of our belief and practice in regards to baptism.

Through baptism, a child is being brought into the community of faith. Therefore, baptisms are preferably held during public gatherings of God’s people, typically Sunday morning worship. We allow baptisms to be scheduled almost any Sunday throughout the year with few exceptions. Children or adults may be baptized at any age.  You will also be asked to fill out and return to the church a baptism request form.

Parental Commitment 

Baptism is the beginning of a new life in Christ for your child. It is a the start of a covenant relationship, much like marriage. Parents play a very important role in helping your child develop this new relationship and to realize the full benefit of their baptism.

We believe and teach that God has appointed parents as the primary faith teachers of their children.  As the church, we come alongside parents and families to equip you to “place in your child’s hands and on their heart, the Word of God (the Bible) and its teachings, bring them regularly (weekly) to worship in God’s house, and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith.”  God is already at work using you to bring your child to the waters of baptism.

What this means is that you will be making a commitment to 1) nurture your child’s relationship with God, the church, its pastor and members. 2) bring your child to worship on a weekly basis. 3) teach your child to pray at meals, bedtime, and other occasions. 4) provide for their Christian instruction at home, in Sunday School, and other children’s programs provided by the church. 5) Bring your child to confirmation. 6) Celebrate your child’s baptismal birthday. 7) Provide an example of a Christian life. 8) Provide them with a Bible at the appropriate age and help them to read it.

To fulfill these promises, families who plan to baptize their children at King of Glory ought to be members who are actively involved in the ministry of the church.  While being a member of King of Glory is not a requirement for having a baptism, we cannot stress enough the importance of being connected to a worshiping community.  If you are not currently connected to King of Glory or another Christian church we ask that you would attend Sunday morning worship with us regularly for a period of time before scheduling a baptism.  We would also invite you to make plans to attend our next new member orientation and get connected to a church. Without the sure promise of the faith being nurtured in the child, in good conscience, we cannot baptize an individual.

Baptism is a gift that God gives to us. But with any gift, if the gift is not opened up, it is a wasted gift. We want you to be able to fully open this gift and discover the full blessing of baptism.

Sponsors/God Parents

Sponsors are to be baptized and with good standing membership in a Christian Church. Otherwise it would be difficult for them to take responsibility for the promises that they and the parents make at baptism.

Parents often find choosing sponsors to be a difficult task.  It should be noted that when choosing sponsors this is not a popularity contest.  Rather, as parents choose sponsors they should consider individuals who would be role models and would take seriously the Christian nurture of the child. In addition to sharing the responsibilities above, the sponsors could help make the anniversary of the child’s baptism an important occasion by giving cards or gifts or doing something special on that day.


King of Glory does allow pictures and video during the baptism. However, we do remind you that this is part of the worship service in which we seek to give honor and reverence to God.  For that reason, we ask that pictures are taken in a discretionary manner and that the use of flash is limited. We advise the one family member be designated as the official photographer and to share the pictures with other family members.

Adult Baptism

Adults desiring baptism are asked to participate in our new member orientation. These orientations are offered periodically throughout the year. For information on the next new member orientation visit our membership page.

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